Episode 15

In the Can


  • Mother Bear #5 – Crochet gauge was too loose and my idea to felt failed. So my sad bear was adopted by my boyfriend.

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Coming Attractions

  • Hats for Christmas Gifts!!

The Gossip

  • Work – In Week 12 of 50 for out of town work.  Tired of it.
  • No Stitches West or Madrona for me this year…instead I am heading to JAPAN!!! Will be going to Tokyo, Hakone region and Kyoto!
  • But I am planning on going to Rhinebeck!
  • Found a home for an unloved project – a cheap crappy fuzzy acrylic made worse by doing it in a lace pattern – but now my Branching Out lives happily with a two-year old!

Behind the Scenes

  • New Travel Philosophy – Embrace being a tourist and say YES to adventures!! No Embarrassment!
  • Travel Log Ideas? I am trying to figure out how to best capture my adventures. Diary? Blog? Video? I’d love to hear your ideas!

Hollywood Story 

  • A quick glimpse of Quentin Tarantino and a workout with Jamie Foxx!

Production Notes


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