Episode 22


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Behind the Scenes

  • Focus for September & October is friendships.

The Gossip

  • Work Update – Only two weeks to go and then my out of town assignment ends!
  • Attending CogKnitive Fiber Retreat 2012 in only 4 weeks!
  • Booked Rhinebeck trip – Includes driving from Boston, maybe Webs side trip, visiting family in RI, rental cabin in New Hampshire and Sensation NYC.

Production Notes

  • Contest for September & October is open until October 29th. Leave a comment in Ravelry thread telling me about how you maintain your friendships.
  • Planning on doing special episode for Number 25 with giveaways to celebrate milestone podcast and my birthday.  More information on upcoming episodes.
  • You can find me as allison1031 on Twitter or Ravelry and hollywoodknitter on Plurk.
  • Also check out & join the Ravelry Group – Hollywood Knitter Podcast.

2 thoughts on “Episode 22

  1. I have the same problem trying to stay connected to friends. One thing that helps is having a regular weekly get-together. A handful of us meet at the same place every Tuesday evening to go for a walk with our dogs. By having it be a regular “appointment” means that I don’t schedule other things for that time. Also, I don’t have to pick up the phone to make a date. Good luck.

  2. I’m really bad at keeping up with friends too. I just get caught up with my own life and don’t make time for others, which is horrible. I think I’ll join you in your focus. 🙂

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