Episode 23


  • Thanks to Katie of Knittin’ on the Fly for Shout Out!
  • Special hellos and thanks to everyone who introduced themselves on the Hollywood Knitter Group!

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The Gossip

  • Work Update – EXILE is over!
  • Attending CogKnitive Fiber Retreat 2012 in 2 weeks.
  • Rhinebeck Trip – Including Meet-Up on Saturday at 1pm.  See this Ravelry thread for more information.
  • Halloween Birthday Plans
  • Dad’s 60th Birthday
Hollywood Story

Production Notes

1 thought on “Episode 23

  1. every Wednesday a group of women in my area meet up at a locally owned diner. It’s a large group but we all just show up when we can, as much as we can. On any given Wednesday 12 – 18 knitters show up – not always the same women so the gab fest is fun to catch up and see what everyone is working on. We move the tables together as people show up so we can all chat together. We build the group by inviting knitters as we meet them in yarn shops and events and they show up and become fast friends.
    a wonderful plus is we eat dinner there so even though the diner business has declined, we give the owner plenty of business every Wednesday. 🙂

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