Episode 46

In this episode, I talk about my three FOs, WIPs, upcoming projects, recent adventures and upcoming travel.  Also sorry for the sound quality…didn’t realize leaving my windows open would mean so much background hum from the freeway!

In the Can

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  • Healthier Me –  Precision Nutrition
  • Lightning in Bottle – Lake San Antonio, Memorial Day Weekend
  • Tube Float in Parker, AZ 6/5-6/7
  • Hair Chopped
  • Check Out Loretta1031 Pic in Group Under “Run to Hollywood Sign” – I have never done that hike before though I see the sign all the time!!
  • Zombie Knitpocalypse Preparation!!!  Packing, Projects, Oh My!!!
Press Junket
  • Zombie Knitpocalypse, Rochester MN 6/19-6/22
  • Super Summer Knitogether, Nashville, TN 7/16-7/20
  • Camp CogKnitive, Camarillo 7/25-7/27
  • RI & North Conway, NH  8/20-9/2
  • Aunt Jo’s BDay in Albuqueque, NM 9/11-9/14
  • Rhinebeck, 10/17 – 10/20
  • Atlanta, 10/24-10/26

Production Notes

“That’s a wrap from Hollywood, where fantasy meets fiber and dreams are knit.”

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