Episode 60 – The Final Episode

I have decided to stop podcasting.  It’s been a hard decision but the timing feels right. So this is my final episode.   Thank you all SO much for listening over the past 4 years.  Hope to see you around the knitting world.


3 thoughts on “Episode 60 – The Final Episode

  1. Allison – Thank you for your podcast. I’ve been a listener since the start and have enjoyed listening to your adventures. You have inspired my knitting. I’m a runner so you’ve been a part of miles and miles of runs. Good luck.
    Kind regards,

  2. I have really enjoyed your podcast and hearing of all of your travels! You have such a zest for life and an amazing lifestyle – you really know how to live and enjoy your experiences, it seems. I enjoy hearing about your knitting, too! I will miss tuning in to you!!!!!! ) : Have fun with everything! Take care! Stephanie

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